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Find out what you can search, about the search results, how to order certificates, paid search services and who to contact for support.

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Free online search

Use our free online search to learn about your family history and identity. If you're new to searching for family records, read on to find detailed information about the search results.

Search family history records

Search results

What you can search

  • Birth records more than 100 years ago
  • Death records more than 30 years ago
  • Marriage records more than 50 years ago

What the results will show

  • Name
  • Place
  • Year of event
  • Registration 

Order certificates online

When you find the records you're looking for using our online search, you can buy the certificates you need.

Fees for certificates

When you search online, the records you find will include a registration number.

Save when you buy birth, marriage and death certificates by including the registration number on your application.

The fees are:

  • $35 for each certificate with a registration number
  • $48 for each certificate without a registration number.
Processing times

Certificates are delivered by registered post. The processing time does not include delivery, please see Australia Post website for current delivery times within Australia or International.

Family history certificate

Standard service

Online application email delivery

up to 2 weeks

Online application postal deliveryup to 2 weeks

Submitted by post

up to 6 weeks

Registry agent (Service NSW)

up to 4 weeks

Church Register records (Volume records)up to 3 weeks

Search services and technical support

To get help with your family research and using our online search tool, take a look at our family history research guide.

For a fee, research can be done for you by the Registry or by a family history transcription agent.

Enquiries and technical support 

Email our family history team for questions about our family history records.

Email our technical support team for technical or system issues.

Hire a transcription agent

You can pay a family history transcription agent to search for you. They provide:

  • either full or partial details of our records (transcriptions) or
  • confirm details of the records we hold.

This option might suit you if you only need the facts, and not full certified copies of certificates.

For information about their service and fees, contact a transcription agent. 

Marilyn Rowan

Joy Murrin

Laurie Turtle

Request a Registry family history search

To apply for the Registry to search your family history records:

Visit your nearest Service NSW centre or mail your form to:

NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages
GPO Box 30
Sydney NSW 2001

Searching a date range

If you’re not certain of the date of a birth, marriage or death, try searching a 10-year period. 

You can ask us to search a longer period than 10 years at an extra cost:

  • $48 for an initial search of up to 10 years (birth, death or marriage certificate)
  • add $45 for each additional search of up to 10 years.

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