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Apply for returning business and investor migrant visas

Use this form if you are seeking NSW nomination for a subclass 888 visa, subclass 188 extension, the monitoring of you visa subclass 132SBH or subclass 405 rollover.

Important information

Please read this important information before applying for NSW nomination:

  • Clicking 'back' in your browser will cause you to lose any information previously entered. Use 'previous' and 'back' buttons within the form to navigate between the form's pages

  • You cannot edit your application after it has been submitted and you cannot save and resume your application.

  • You can review information entered in the form and make edits before submitting.

Information about NSW eligibility requirements for each visa subclass are available on our business and investor visas website. 

You will also find information to help you complete your application in our common questions about business and investor migration

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