Sushil and Rup Chand Dhingra

Fondly known to their family as Nani and Nana

Grandparents Day stories featuring Sushil and Rup Dhingra

Grandparents to six grandchildren – Ananya (10), Armaan (7), Sejaan (3), Simran (2) and twin Maya and Aarya (4 months).

“Our grandchildren keep us active and young at heart.

We undertake child care three days a week. When spending time with our grandchildren, we like to take them to swimming lessons, school carnivals and outdoor leisure activities during the school holidays. We also speak our ethnic language with them.

As grandparents, we make a difference to our grandchildren’s lives by offering them a lot of time and patience which their busy parents can not always provide."

"Our perfect Grandparents Day would be an outing with all our grandchildren and children."


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