*NEW* - New integrated health hubs in South Western Sydney

New integrated community health hubs will be built in Liverpool and Glenfield.

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2 March 2023

New integrated community health hubs will be built in Liverpool and Glenfield as part of a WestInvest investment to boost health services across South West Sydney.

The innovative approach to delivering health services would help relieve pressure on hospitals across the fast growing region.

South West Sydney is home to more than one million people and is one of the fastest growing and most diverse regions in Australia. These new health hubs mean that instead of having to go to a hospital, people can access many of the same health services closer to home, including cancer care, cardiac rehabilitation, occupational therapy and preventative screening.

The range of services to be operated from the hubs include:

  • Cancer care including infusion and chemotherapy/haematology chairs, cancer co-ordination and survivorship, renal dialysis;
  • Allied health services including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, audiology, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation;
  • Community health services including mental health (adult and child and adolescent mental health), drug health, oral health, sexual health and sexual assault service, paediatric and antenatal health, child and family health, refugee health services, geriatrics and neuro-degenerative health; and
  • Preventative screening including breast screening.

There will be a focus on services tailored to south west Sydney’s culturally and linguistically diverse communities, such as multicultural health and refugee health.

The hubs will be designed to facilitate digital health and future developments in models of care, including a multidisciplinary virtual care hub. There will also be a virtual interpreter hub, to better assist the community with its care needs.

The hubs are also designed to attract the co-location of other NSW Government human services centres, pharmacies, general practices, university partners and community centres to create a one stop shop for the community’s health needs.


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