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Agricultural Land Use Planning Strategy

The NSW Agriculture Commissioner is seeking feedback on options to improve certainty and consistency for agriculture in the planning framework. 
Fields of green and yellow
Fields of green and yellow

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What’s this about?

The NSW Agriculture Commissioner was appointed in August 2020 and tasked with reviewing the NSW Government’s Right to Farm Policy. The Commissioner conducted the review in August 2020 and listened to the issues raised by stakeholders. The Commissioner found that the Right to Farm Policy has been delivered but has not fixed the issues of land use conflict with farmers. In addition, other barriers in the planning framework to primary production have been identified.  

The Agriculture Commissioner recommends the development of an Agriculture Land Use Planning Strategy to address three key issues:  

  • Issue 1: Minimise the loss of productive capacity  
  • Issue 2: Reduce and manage land use conflict  
  • Issue 3: Support the growth of agriculture and regional economies.

The Agriculture Commissioner is seeking feedback on the content of the Agriculture Land Use Planning Strategy. An options paper contains different ways of addressing the land use planning issues facing agriculture. Feedback on the merits of these options will be considered.

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There is one way you can provide your feedback below.

Have your say by Sunday 28 February 2021.

Online consultation

18 December 2020 to 28 February 2021

Consultation website

Consultation period

From:18 December 2020
To:28 February 2021

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More information

Email: Project team
Phone: 0429 780 655
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Consultation Website

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