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Ballina Rd/Molesworth St upgrade

Feedback is sought from the community on the concept design to upgrade Ballina Road (Bruxner Highway) at Molesworth Street in Lismore.
Concept design for the Molesworth Street/Ballina Road Intersection Upgrade
Concept design for the Molesworth Street/Ballina Road Intersection Upgrade

What’s this about?

In 2019, Transport for NSW committed $6 million to upgrade Ballina Road (Bruxner Highway) at Dawson Street in Lismore.

Since then, a number of technical assessments have been carried out in partnership with Lismore City Council as part of planning improvements.

These assessments found the best way to reduce congestion and improve safety and connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists was to upgrade the Ballina Road (Bruxner Highway) / Molesworth Street intersection to traffic signals.

An area-wide traffic model was developed in collaboration with Lismore City Council to help establish the best options to improve the local road network and how people move around the CBD.

The traffic modelling found:

  • Upgrading the Ballina Road/Dawson Street intersection would not improve current delay and travel times
  • The Ballina Road/Wyrallah Road intersection upgrade to signals would provide the greatest benefit
  • Upgrading the Ballina Road/Molesworth Street and the Ballina Road/Wyrallah Road intersections to signals would improve performance on the whole network and provide safe crossing points for pedestrians to access the CBD.

Safety investigations carried out in the area from 2009 - 2019 also discovered:

  • Seventy-two crashes were reported between Wyrallah Road and Hollingsworth Creek Bridge
  • Wyrallah Road intersection had the worst safety history
  • Molesworth Street has the second worst crash history east of the Wilson River
  • Dawson Street intersection had the least crash history.

Based on these investigations and the level of funding currently available, installing traffic signals at Molesworth Street intersection is considered the best short term solution to ease congestion and improve local access, connectivity and safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

Project benefits

The benefits of this design compared to other options we considered include no impacts to Heritage Park, maintaining the existing fence between Heritage Park and the road, the removal of fewer car parks and reduced costs due to avoiding the retaining wall on the bridge.

The project team recognises the importance of Heritage Park to the community and has modified the concept design to avoid any impact to the new post and rail fence and footpath between Heritage Park and the road.

Signalising this intersection improves traffic efficiency and provides safety benefits to pedestrians, as well as the advantage of providing gaps in westbound highway traffic, which should help to improve the efficiency of the Union Street roundabout.

Have your say

There are three ways to submit your feedback.

Have Your Say by close of business on Friday 6 August.


12 July 2021 to 6 August 2021
9:00am to 11:59pm

Phone: 1800 653 092


12 July 2021 to 6 August 2021

Consultation period

From:12 July 2021
To:6 August 2021

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More information

Email: Project team
Phone: 1800 653 092
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