Draft Gas Supply Regulation 2022

Office of Energy and Climate Change seeks your feedback on the regulatory remake of the Gas Supply (Safety and Network Management) Regulation 2013.
A woman is standing in a hi-vis vest and a hard hat with a clip board in her arms.
A woman is standing in a hi-vis vest and a hard hat with a clip board in her arms.

What’s this about?

In NSW, the safety of gas users in NSW is promoted and protected through the Gas Supply Act 1996.

The current Regulation will be repealed on 1 September 2022. Consultation on the remaking of the Regulation that support this Act lets us consider public input on how to improve, modernise and streamline the laws so they continue to work effectively. 

The proposed Regulation keeps many of the existing rules to ensure the safety of the gas network but are updated to support the NSW Hydrogen Strategy. The Hydrogen Strategy supports the development of a commercial hydrogen industry in NSW.

Hydrogen and other renewable gases have emerged as critical new industries; their entry will form a key part of the state’s economic growth as well as helping it achieve its decarbonisation objectives. The draft Regulation supports the Hydrogen Strategy by including requirements that ensure the safe injection of hydrogen–natural gas blends within the distribution network. 

The key changes include introducing: 

  • new reporting and approval requirements for injection points aimed at ensuring gas quality is maintained after renewable gas blends are injected.  
  • new reporting ng requirements to report incidents of venting, flaring and variations in network pressure associated 
  • clarifications around the testing of gas 
  • updates to modernise the penalties within the regulation, in accordance with the penalty units introduced in the recently enacted Energy Legislation Amendment Act 2021. 

You can find more information here.

Have your say

Have your say by 4 July 2022.

You can submit feedback using the method below.

Please note: All submissions will be made public on the NSW Government Have Your Say website unless clearly marked confidential.


6 June 2022 to 4 July 2022


Consultation period

From:6 June 2022
To:4 July 2022

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More information

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Phone: (02) 8275 1689
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