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NSW Trustee & Guardian's fees

NSW Trustee & Guardian is seeking feedback on proposed changes to selected fees.
A mature aged man and a woman sitting at a table with another woman looking at paper documents.
A mature aged man and a woman sitting at a table with another woman looking at paper documents.

What’s this about?

We are building a stronger NSW Trustee & Guardian to ensure that we can continue to deliver high quality services to the people of NSW. 

At NSW Trustee & Guardian, we protect, promote and support the rights, dignity, choices and wishes of our customers. We make a difference in the lives of over 45,000 customers each year. Whether we are writing a Will, acting as an executor, attorney, trustee, guardian, or financial manager, we are here for critical moments in our customers’ lives.

Over time our customer numbers have increased significantly and so has the complexity of their needs. This means the cost to provide some services has also increased.  To make sure that we can continue to meet the changing needs of our customers and that our service delivery remains financially sustainable, we are reviewing the fees we charge to deliver services.

The NSW Trustee and Guardian Regulation 2017  regulates how we set and charge fees for services. The changes we are proposing will be made to these regulations. 

Where we can charge for services, NSW Trustee & Guardian provides expert advice, with fees kept at an affordable price for the service, or at a competitive rate where comparable in the market. This will not change.

The proposed changes to NSW Trustee & Guardian’s fees are described in the Discussion Paper. 

Please refer to our website for further detail on how you can provide feedback.

Your feedback will help us better understand the impact of the proposed changes on our customers, the community, industry and government.

Have your say

Have your say by Friday 15 October 2021. 

There are four ways to submit your feedback below:



14 September 2021 to 15 October 2021

Take Our Survey - NSW Trustee & Guardian's Fees


14 September 2021 to 15 October 2021


14 September 2021 to 15 October 2021

Address: Office of the CEO, NSW Trustee and Guardian, Locked Bag 5115 Parramatta NSW 2124


14 September 2021 to 15 October 2021
9:00am to 5:00pm

Phone: 1300 109 290

Consultation period

From:14 September 2021
To:15 October 2021

See consultation methods

More information

Email: Project team
Phone: 1300 109 290
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Consultation Website

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