Public Health (Tobacco) Regulation 2022

NSW Health is seeking your feedback on the Draft Public Health (Tobacco) Regulation 2022 (Draft Regulation 2022).
A health worker, gender unknown, holding an e-cigarette in one hand and a tobacco cigarette in the other.
A health worker, gender unknown, holding an e-cigarette in one hand and a tobacco cigarette in the other.

What’s this about?

The Public Health (Tobacco) Regulation 2016 (2016 Regulation) will be repealed on 1 September 2022. The Ministry of Health intends to replace it with the Draft Regulation 2022. 

The Draft Regulation is generally consistent with the 2016 Regulation and regulates advertising on tobacco and e-cigarette packaging, the display of retail prices of tobacco products and e-cigarettes, and the display of health warnings and other notices about tobacco products and e-cigarettes.

It outlines penalty notice offences, allowing on-the-spot fines to be issued for certain offences.  

The Draft Regulation also proposes to:

  • Prohibit price boards displaying the retail prices of tobacco products or e-cigarettes from contain moving images or texts.
  • Introduce a size limit to the health warning sign that must be displayed at the point of sale in retail premises.
  • Permit the display of only one sign that states “tobacco sold at this cash register only” in a retail premise.
  • Increase the on-the spot fines available for offences, while introducing new offences for which on-the-spot fines are payable.

NSW Health welcomes public feedback on the Public Health (Tobacco) Regulation 2022, once you have reviewed the Draft Regulation and Regulatory Impact Statement.

Have your say

Have your say by Friday 17 June 2022.

There are two ways to submit your feedback using the consultation methods listed below.

Formal submission

18 May 2022 to 17 June 2022

Address: Legal and Regulatory Services Branch, NSW Ministry of Health - Locked Bag 2030 St Leonards NSW 1590


18 May 2022 to 17 June 2022

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