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Review of water prices in rural NSW

IPART is seeking feedback on draft prices for water management and bulk water services in NSW.
Aerial image of Murray River NSW over sunset
Aerial image of Murray River NSW over sunset

What’s this about?

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal's (IPART) draft reports on rural bulk water prices and water management prices support the long term security and reliability of water supply in regional and rural NSW.

The reports set out IPART’s draft decisions on the maximum prices that Water NSW and the Water Administration Ministerial Corporation (WAMC) can charge for services.

The draft prices would be in place for the next four years. IPART is seeking community feedback on the proposed price increases. 

Price increases are needed to provide a sustainable water supply in regional areas, which are particularly vulnerable to the impact of climate change.

The price increases will enable Water NSW and WAMC to improve performance so dams and other infrastructure are adequately maintained.

Have your say

There are two ways you can provide feedback below. 

Have your say by Friday 16 April 2021.

Online consultation

16 March 2021 to 16 April 2021

Online form for rural bulk water prices

Online consultation

16 March 2021 to 16 April 2021

Online form for water management prices

Consultation period

From:16 March 2021
To:16 April 2021

See consultation methods

More information

Email: Project team
Phone: (02) 9113 7770
Agency Website

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