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Water NSW Act 2014 statutory review

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is seeking feedback on it's five-year statutory review of the Water NSW Act 2014.
Aerial image of a river in NSW, Australia.

What’s this about?

The review will help determine whether the Water NSW Act 2014 is effective and if it enables  WaterNSW to deliver water efficiently and safely.

The Act establishes WaterNSW and sets out its objectives and functions. It enables WaterNSW to capture, store and deliver bulk water to customers across the state and manages Greater Sydney’s drinking water catchment.

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is seeking feedback from the community to evaluate the effectiveness of the Act. The department may refer to feedback in the final report.

Have your say

You can provide feedback via email submission below. 

The department may make submissions publicly available unless you indicate that you would like to keep all or part of it confidential.

Have your say by Wednesday 30 September 2020.


2 September 2020 to 30 September 2020

Consultation period

From:2 September 2020
To:30 September 2020

See consultation methods

More information

Email: Project team
Phone: 0421 274 076
Agency Website
Consultation Website

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