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Have Your Say

Find NSW Government consultations happening in your community and share your opinions on new projects, services and government policy.

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  • iStock 514464672

    The Department of Finance, Services and Innovation is seeking feedback on how to improve the dispute resolution process for workers compensation in NSW.

  • Chisolm 1

    Family and Community Services is seeking feedback on improving resident protections for people with disability living in supported group accommodation.

  • seedlings 760

    The NSW and Commonwealth Governments are seeking feedback on five-yearly implementation reviews of RFAs and how to extend them for an additional 20-year term.

  • Pitt Street Mall Sydney

    The Department of Justice is conducting a review into the Royal Prerogative of Mercy and whether petitions for mercy and their outcomes should be publicly available.

  • Electronic land contracts

    The Office the Registrar General invites feedback on ways that digital technology and electronic signatures can make land transactions more efficient and secure.

  • Have you Say image SPEED Ignition Event Grandma inspects wire work with grandchild

    The Cultural Infrastructure Program Management Office (CIPMO) is seeking feedback from the community and sector about arts and cultural spaces in NSW.

  • NSW gov have your say image mine rehab

    The Department of Planning and Environment is accepting feedback on the Mine Rehabilitation Discussion Paper.

  • NSW Gov Have Your Say Environment SEPP

    The Department of Planning and Environment is seeking feedback on reforms to update the planning framework for environmental protection and management.

  • 1.Flood 14 1 11 choper dion 017

    The Department of Industry – Water invites feedback on the draft Floodplain Management Plan for the Border Rivers Valley Floodplain 2018.

  • Darling River

    The Natural Resources Commission invites submissions to its water sharing plan reviews.

  • NSW Gov have your say image SEPP 70

    The Department of Planning and Environment is now accepting feedback on the proposed changes to SEPP 70 Affordable Housing (Revised Schemes).

  • murrah flora reserves wapengo koala phascolarctos cinereus hys

    The Office of Environment and Heritage is seeking feedback on the Murrah Flora Reserves Draft Working Plan.