Meeting Practice for Local Councils

Code of Meeting Practice for NSW councils

Topic: Regulation

The Office of Local Government (OLG) is seeking feedback on the Model Code of Meeting Practice for Local Councils in NSW.

What's this about?

Amendments made to the Local Government Act 1993 (the Act) in August last year by the Local Government Amendment (Governance and Planning) Act 2016 provide for a model code of meeting practice to be prescribed by regulation.

The new draft Model Meeting Code has two elements:

  • Mandatory provisions that reflect the existing meetings provisions of the Act and adapt those currently contained in the Regulation. 
  • Non-mandatory provisions that cover areas of meetings practice that are common to most councils but where there may be a need for some variation in practice between councils based on local circumstances.

OLG is now seeking the views of councils and other stakeholders on the draft Model Meeting Code.

Have your say

You can submit your feedback via email by 16 March 2018.

Submissions should be labelled “Model Meeting Code Consultation” and marked to the attention of OLG’s Council Governance Team.

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Topic: Regulation