Consumer protections: alternative energy

Topic: Regulation

The Department of Planning and Environment is seeking feedback on existing consumer protections to ensure they meet the changing needs of energy customers.

What's this about?

New energy technologies, including solar PV and battery storage, are changing the way energy is delivered to customers. Like other industries, the regulatory frameworks that apply to the sale and delivery of energy must adapt.

The NSW Government has prepared a discussion paper about whether the consumer protection frameworks in NSW are meeting the changing needs of energy customers and what type of regulatory reform may be needed.

As more and more consumers receive their energy supply through alternative models, we need to review the NSW energy frameworks to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Have your say 

The department welcomes submissions from stakeholders and the community on the issues raised in this paper. Submissions will be treated confidentially if requested.

You can provide your feedback via email to [email protected]

Have your say by 19 December 2017.

Topic: Regulation