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Draft Circular Economy Policy

Topic: Environment

The NSW Environment Protection Authority is seeking feedback on development of a Circular Economy Policy.

Draft Circular Economy Policy

What’s this about?

A circular economy minimises waste and reduces environmental impact by changing the way products are created, assembled, sold and used. It can be great for businesses because it maximises the use of valuable resources and contributes to innovation, growth and job creation.

A circular economy values resources by getting as much use out of products and materials as possible and reducing the amount of waste we generate. For example:

  • using recycled materials in manufacturing
  • repairing household goods before buying new ones
  • repurposing items that are no longer used.

The draft Circular Economy Policy outlines the principles and ideas that can help to shape approaches to resource use and waste management in NSW.

The draft Circular Economy Discussion Paper explains circular economy principles and how they play out around the world.

What would a circular economy look like to you? How could you get involved and what support would you need?

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Topic: Environment
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