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Draft Crown Land Management Regulation

Topic: Regulation

The Department of Industry is seeking feedback on the Draft Crown Land Management Regulation 2017.

What's this about?

The Draft Crown Land Management Regulation 2017 sets out the principles and rules proposed to govern the conduct of users and managers of Crown land.

The development of a Crown Land Management Regulation is the next step in the process of creating a single, modern piece of legislation to underpin the management of the state’s vast and important Crown Estate.

The regulation is required to support the operation of the Crown Land Management Act 2016 (the Act). When finalised, the Crown Land Management Regulation will combine relevant current regulations and introduce new regulation to allow the Act to commence and function appropriately.

Managers of Crown land and anyone in the community with an interest can make a submission on the draft regulation to indicate their support or raise any concerns they may have with the proposed rules.

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 There are three ways you can provide your feedback:

Have your say by 1 October 2017.

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Topic: Regulation