Draft NSW Invasive Species Plan

Topic: Planning

The Department of Primary Industries is seeking public comment on the Draft NSW Invasive Species Plan 2017-2021.

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What's this about?

Local communities, groups and individuals are invited to have their say in developing the NSW Invasive Species Plan 2017-2021 to reduce the impacts of pest animals and weeds on the state's land, sea and waterways.

Invasive animals and weeds impact on native wildlife and flora, human health, agriculture, infrastructure and the environment.

The plan will help prevent new pest incursions and reduce existing pest threats. It will help guide investment and resources to invasive species prevention and management programs, with the aim of building NSW’s ability and commitment to manage invasive species activities on the ground.

Supporting the NSW Biosecurity Framework and complementing the NSW Biosecurity Strategy, Australian Pest Animal Strategy, Australian Weeds Strategy and National System for the Prevention and Management of Marine Pest Incursions, the draft plan is now open for comment.

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Have your say by 13 October 2017.

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Topic: Planning