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NSW Wild Dog Management Strategy

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The Department of Primary Industries is seeking public comment on an updated NSW Wild Dog Management Strategy.

What's this about?

The aim of the 2017–2021 NSW Wild Dog Management Strategy is to reduce the negative impacts of wild dogs within NSW.

This version of the strategy is based on the inaugural strategy released in 2012. The updated document will guide specific actions to more effectively reduce the negative impacts of wild dogs by clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of government agencies, public and private land managers and other community members in managing wild dogs in NSW.

The updated strategy has been developed with input from a working group comprising representatives from a broad range of stakeholder organisations.

The public consultation process provides an opportunity for additional input on the draft strategy to be provided by individual landholders and other stakeholders.

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Provide feedback on the draft strategy via the consultation website

Have your say by 12 May 2017.

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Topic: Environment