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Government Advertising Regulation 2018

Topic: Regulation

The Department of Premier and Cabinet is seeking feedback on the proposed amendments to the Government Advertising Regulation 2012.

What's this about?

The Government Advertising Regulation 2012 is due to expire on 1 September 2018.

The regulation is part of the Government Advertising Act 2011, which outlines the requirements for all government advertising in NSW. 

It requires government advertising campaigns to be apolitical. They must undergo a thorough review process to ensure they are an efficient and effective use of government funds.

The following amendments are proposed:

  • Increase the amount to $10 million for a campaign which requires a cost benefit analysis in line with Treasury’s direction.
  • Increase the amount to $250,000 for a campaign to require peer review in line with the Australian Government.
  • Remove the requirement for a compliance certificate for routine advertising under $250,000 in line with the Public Service Commission’s recommendation.
  • Increase the amount to $250,000 for the campaign to require a compliance certificate from the head of the department, ministry or agency.
  • Allow a departmental, ministry or agency head to delegate the ability to provide a compliance certificate (for campaigns up to $250,000) to an appropriately authorised officer.
  • Amend the list of events and agencies exempt from the requirements of the Government Advertising Act 2011 during the pre-election period.

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Have your say via email by 8 August 2018.

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Topic: Regulation
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