Review of the Community Impact Statement

Evaluation of the Community Impact Statement requirement for liquor licence applications

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The Department of Industry - Liquor & Gaming is seeking feedback on the requirement for applicants for certain liquor licences and authorisations to lodge a community impact statement (CIS).

Review of CIS requirement

What's this about?

Liquor licence applicants are required to complete a Community Impact Statement (CIS) when applying for certain types of liquor licences and authorisations under the Liquor Act 2007.

The CIS is considered in determining whether the overall social impact of a liquor licence or authorisation will be detrimental to the well-being of a local or broader community (as required by section 48 of the Liquor Act 2007).

The review aims to:

  • examine if the current Community Impact Statement (CIS) process effectively captures local community feedback about licence applications
  • examine how effective the CIS process is in supporting decision-making by ILGA and its delegated officers
  • examine whether relevant stakeholders are being consulted by liquor licence applicants under the CIS process
  • examine time and cost impacts on industry to comply with the CIS requirement
  • consider ways in which any duplication in CIS processes across local and state government authorities can be minimised
  • consider the appropriateness of maintaining separate categories (A and B) of CIS
  • consider whether certain licence types should continue to be excluded from the requirement, and whether any licence types that are not currently excluded from the requirement should be.

Liquor & Gaming NSW will assess stakeholder feedback received during the evaluation and use it to develop recommendations on areas of potential improvement.

More information about the CIS requirement and this review is available in the discussion paper and on the Liquor & Gaming NSW website.

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There are two ways you can submit your feedback.

An online survey is available for licensed venues and community groups to share their views on the CIS process.

Have your say by 26 July 2017.

Topic: Community