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Namoi Alluvium Water Resource Plan

Topic: Environment

The Namoi Alluvium Water Resource Plan and relevant documents are now on public exhibition and submissions are invited from the public.

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What's this about?

There are some proposed changes to the water sharing arrangements in the Namoi Alluvium water resource plan area that includes all alluvial groundwater sources of the Namoi, Manilla and Peel catchments.

 Some of the proposed changes include:

  • alignment of the long-term average annual extraction limits to match the Basin Plans sustainable diversion limits
  • provision of standardised distance rules for bore locations
  • additional rules to reduce the risks to groundwater from sources of contamination
  • identification and scheduling of high priority groundwater dependent ecosystems
  • clarification of the definition of environmental water in the Namoi Alluvium Water Sharing Plan
  • compliance assessment through comparison of the average annual extraction limit over five years with the long-term average annual extraction limits
  • access rules for some management zones.

Have your say

Visit the consultation website to read the new draft water resource plan and draft water sharing plan, and make a submission online.

Have your say by 5pm on 20 July 2019.

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Topic: Environment

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