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Namoi Surface Water Resource Plan

Topic: Environment

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is seeking feedback on the Namoi Surface Water Resource Plan.

Country Walgett NSW

What's this about?

The draft Namoi Surface Water Resource Plan is currently on public exhibition.

The plan outlines how NSW will meet the requirements of the Basin Plan in the Namoi Surface Water Resource Plan Area.

The plan incorporates the water sharing plans for:

  • Upper Namoi and Lower Namoi regulated river water sources
  • Pell regulated river water source
  • Namoi and Peel unregulated rivers water sources.

Changes to the Namoi Surface Water Sharing Plans include:

  • Developing an acceptable alternative option to supplementary flow sharing rules in the Lower Namoi regulated water source.
  • Increasing the account limit for the Upper Namoi Water Users to 1.5ML per unit share from 1.0ML per unit of share component specified on the respective access license.
  • Restricting permanent water trading from the Lower Namoi to Upper Namoi water source.
  • Ending of temporary water trading provisions from Peel to Lower Namoi water source under section 71T of the Water Management Act 2000
  • Changing the conversion factor from 0.4 to 0.5 for permanent water trading rules from the Peel to Lower Namoi Water Source.
  • Changing the cease to pump for the Cockburn River from gauge height to volume and the location.
  • Introducing limited water trading between the unregulated water source, where third party and environmental impact can be determined.

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Topic: Environment
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