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Native fish in the Hunter River

Topic: Environment

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is seeking feedback on the management of water to support native fish migration and habitat health in the Hunter River.

The view of the Hunter River

What's this about?

Since 2016, flows in the Hunter River have not reached the volume thought to be necessary to encourage migration and breeding of Australian bass.

Under the Water Sharing Plan for the Hunter Regulated River Source, an allocation of water is set aside each year for environmental use. The parcel of water is known as an Environmental Water Allowance (EWA).

The EWA provides an opportunity to support the lifecycle requirements of the Australian bass and ensure its Hunter River population remains robust into the future. Without action, the population structure of Australian bass in the Hunter River may be impacted should drought conditions continue.

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is seeking input into the management of the EWA to provide suitable river flows this winter to allow fish to navigate obstacles such as weirs that currently impede their movements.

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Topic: Environment
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