NSW Regional Ports Strategy

Topic: Planning

The Department of Industry - Lands is developing a strategy to guide investment and operations of the regional ports or harbours and associated infrastructure under its management.

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What's this about?

The NSW Regional Ports Strategy aims to achieve the right mix of economic, social and environmental outcomes for government, industry and local communities and facilitate regional economic development. 

The Department of Industry - Lands recognises that there are many other factors influencing ports with changes occurring in management of the marine estate and commercial fishing, as well as coastal planning reforms, regional boating plans and new tourism plans. Some locations also have master plans under development by local government.

The information provided throughout this consultation process will help to identify options that best meet the needs of all stakeholders at each regional port and to assist in prioritising specific actions for each location.

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The next phase of consultation will help us to further understand the particular issues, constraints, and opportunities at each port.

Read the strategy for the port in your area and submit your feedback on the Your Ports consultation website.

Have your say by 28 April 2017.

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Topic: Planning