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Radiation protection roadmap

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The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is seeking feedback on the state's radiation protection roadmap for 2020-26.

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What's this about?

The roadmap sets a regulatory system for radiation protection that ensures radiation users are competent, and there is appropriate oversight for the storage, use and disposal of radiation sources.

It proposes four priorities to be implemented over the next six years to help achieve the EPA's vision.

These priorities are to:

  • harmonise the NSW radiation framework with international standards, in partnership with other Australian agencies
  • support organisations to adopt and maintain quality systems
  • improve stakeholder relationships and customer experience
  • develop and enact an evidence-based, risk-aware compliance program.

Through the roadmap, the EPA wants to ensure our strategic direction is transparent, informed and inclusive. 

Your input will guide how radiation protection is managed into the future.

Have your say

There are three ways you can submit your feedback:

Have your say by 28 February 2020.

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Topic: Health
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