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Restrictive Practices Authorisation

Topic: Policy

The NSW Government is consulting on a model to authorise restrictive practices that better protects the rights of people with disability in NSW.

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What's this about?

The NSW Government needs to design a new restrictive practice authorisation model that better protects the rights of people with disability and seeks to reduce and eliminate the use of restrictive practices. NSW has an interim approach which ends on 30 June 2020.

A restrictive practice is any intervention that restricts the rights or freedom of movement of a person, with the primary purpose of protecting the person or others from harm. This means that a restrictive practice controls a person’s freedom to help keep people safe.

There are a number of resources that can help you prepare your submission:


Read the consultation summary translated in the following languages:

Your ideas and feedback will be used to help inform the design of the new model.

Have your say

There are five ways you can submit your feedback:

Face-to-face forums and online webinars

The following service providers will facilitate face-to-face forums and online webinars:

Have your say by 30 August 2019.

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Topic: Policy
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