Shaping a better child protection system

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The Department of Family and Community Services invites interested individuals and organisations to make submissions on proposals to improve the NSW child protection system.

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What’s this about?

The NSW Government has prepared a discussion paper which outlines proposed amendments to the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 and the Adoption Act 2000, which are being considered to help shape a better child protection system and support NSW Government reforms aimed at improving the lives of vulnerable children and their families. 

Child protection is a complex area of work with responsibilities spanning across several government agencies, the non-government sector, communities and families.

Recognising the inherent challenges associated with child protection and the increasing number of children and young people reported at risk of significant harm, the Department of Family and Community Services continues to improve its capacity to respond to the growing demand.

The Permanency Support Program reforms that are currently underway aim to improve the child protection system, focusing on strengthening evidence-based services to achieve positive safety, permanency and wellbeing outcomes for the most vulnerable children.

The legislative proposals contained in the discussion paper are being considered to support the implementation of these reforms and will work towards shaping a better child protection system in NSW.

You are invited to read this discussion paper and provide comments on the legislative reform proposals which underpin the NSW Government’s reform agenda. The feedback contributed through this consultation process will help to ensure the proposed legislative amendments are drafted to maximise their benefits to children and young people in NSW, and to align the amendments as closely as possible with other relevant legislation, policies and processes.

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There are three ways you can submit your feedback:

  • Online: online consultation form
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mail: Subject: ‘Shaping a better child protection system’
    Commissioning Division
    Department of Family and Community Services
    4-6 Cavill Avenue
    Ashfield NSW 2131

Have your say by 5pm on 30 November 2017.

All submissions will be made publicly available. If you do not want your personal details or any part of your comments to be published, please indicate this clearly in your response. 

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Topic: Family & Community Services