Water Management (General) Regulation

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The Department of Primary Industries Water is proposing to remake the Water Management (General) Regulation 2011 and is seeking public feedback.


What's this about?

The Water Management Act 2000 establishes a framework for the sustainable management of water in NSW.

The current Water Management (General) Regulation 2011 specifies:

  • procedural and technical matters related to the administration of the Act
  • exemptions from licence and approval requirements under the Act
  • certain functions and powers of water supply authorities.

The Water Management (General) Regulation 2011 is due to lapse on 1 September 2018 under the Subordinate Legislation Act 1989.

DPI Water is proposing to remake the 2011 Regulation with proposed amendments which will:

  • clarify a number of matters relating to licensing and approval requirements, and the functions and powers of water supply authorities
  • cut red tape by creating new exemptions from approval requirements.

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There are three ways you can submit your feedback:

Have your say by 3 September 2017.

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Topic: Regulation