Water Resource Plans public exhibition

Public exhibition of Status and Issues Papers for eight water resource plans.

Topic: Planning

Public submissions are invited on Water Resource Plan Status and Issues Papers for various catchments for the development of water resource plans.

View along Belinger River with clouds in the distance

What's this about?

A Status and Issues Paper has been prepared for each of the respective water resource plans listed below as the starting point for the water resource planning process.

Each paper defines the status of the water resources and lists existing water issues for consideration in the water resource planning process in the respective regions. 

  • New South Wales Murray and Lower Darling surface water (SW8)
  • Murrumbidgee surface water (SW9)
  • Barwon-Darling Watercourse surface water (SW12)
  • Namoi and Peel surface water (SW14)
  • Lachlan alluvium (GW10)
  • Macquarie-Castlereagh alluvium (GW12)
  • Gwydir alluvium (GW15)
  • NSW Border Rivers alluvium (GW18)

Submissions from the Status and Issues Paper will help shape the development of the draft water resource plan.

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For more information on each region visit the consultation website.

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Topic: Planning