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Darling River

Water sharing plan reviews

Topic: Planning

The Natural Resources Commission invites submissions to its water sharing plan reviews.

What’s this about?

The Natural Resources Commission is reviewing:

  • Water Sharing Plan for the Bellinger Area Unregulated and Alluvial Water Sources 2008
  • Water Sharing Plan for the NSW Great Artesian Basin Groundwater Sources 2008.

These plans are approaching the end of their 10-year term and require review in accordance with s.43A of the Water Management Act 2000.

The Commission's report to the Minister for Regional Water will inform a decision to extend or make new plans.

Find out more about the review and submission process on the consultation website.

Have your say

There are three ways to make a submission:

Please identify which water sharing plan/s your submission relates to and provide relevant supporting information.

Have your say by 16 February 2018.

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Topic: Planning
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