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Wildlife licensing changes

Topic: Environment

The Office of Environment and Heritage is seeking feedback on proposed changes to wildlife licences.


What’s this about?

Native plants and animals in NSW are protected by the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

Under the Act, the management of interactions between humans and native wildlife is proposed to change to a new risk-based approach where:

  • low-risk activities will be exempt from regulation
  • moderate-risk activities will be regulated by enforceable codes of practice
  • high-risk activities will continue to be licensed
  • activities not permitted under exemptions, codes or licensing will remain prohibited.

A discussion paper has been prepared by the Office of Environment and Heritage to seek feedback on proposed changes to wildlife licence classes to implement the risk-based approach.

A draft codes of practice for the keeping of lower risk native birds, frogs and reptiles have also been prepared for comment, as well as a draft revised Animal Keepers Species List.

Have your say

There are three ways you can submit your feedback:

Have your say by 24 July 2018.

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Topic: Environment
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