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Building Infrastructure

Published 15th October, 2016

Key infrastructure projects to be delivered on time and on budget across the state.

Why is this important?

Sydney's population is expected to grow by 850,000 people over the next 10 years,  and a further 240,000 in regional NSW.

Over the next 15 years, NSW needs to support

40% more 
train trips

30% more
car trips

31% more

Liveable communities

NSW must remain an appealing place that attracts talented people and businesses from around the globe. This requires smart, connected and resilient infrastructure across NSW. Key transport infrastructure increases productivity, reduces travel time and lowers fuel costs, so commuters can spend more time at home with their families

icon feature infrastructure

Avoidable congestion costs Sydney $5 billion a year and will grow to $8 billion by 2020 if we ignore it. Smart, connected and resilient infrastructure is needed across NSW. 

Creating jobs

More than 10,000 jobs are expected to be created during the total construction period of WestConnex. The Sydney Light Rail CBD and South East will deliver more than $4 billion worth of economic benefits and create 10,000 jobs for NSW.

How is the government tracking?

Under this priority, the Premier has committed to deliver 10 key infrastructure projects  in metro and regional areas by the end of 2024. The timelines for these are shown below.

Graph showing timeline for key infrastructure projects from 2015 to 2024

We're changing how we plan and deliver infrastructure

The infrastructure we need over the next 50 years relies on future-focused planning today. We've committed $73.3 billion over the next four years to building a better NSW.

Infrastructure NSW provides expert, independent advice to the government on the state’s infrastructure priorities. The project assurance function within Infrastructure NSW monitors and reviews the state’s major projects throughout their planning and delivery, to minimise risk and keep them on track.

Key infrastructure across the state is being funded through various sources, including:

  • Rebuilding NSW, which is is turbocharging NSW’s building plans with an additional $20 billion from leasing the state’s electricity network. This means we can get moving now, rather than years into the future.
  • Restart NSW funds projects which improve growth and productivity across the state. Thirty per cent of all Restart NSW funds are committed to regional NSW (outside Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong).

What can you do?

Have your say on infrastructure projects in your community.

Published 15th October, 2016