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Creating Jobs

Published 14th October, 2016

150,000 new jobs by 2019

Why is this important?

Jobs create purpose

A person with a job can meet their basic needs, but it's more than that. Jobs give people quality of life and help them to learn, grow and achieve their potential. Jobs provide purpose, independence and social connection, so people can interact for mutual benefit.

Since 2015, one in three new jobs in Australia have been created in NSW.

As NSW moves from the mining and construction boom, we need to build the jobs of tomorrow, with innovation, supporting enterprise and by opening new markets.

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The NSW Government is a year ahead in its progress towards the target of 150,000 jobs.

How is the government tracking?

Cumulative increase in employed persons in NSW (thousands)

What is the government doing?

Jobs for NSW

The Government has committed $190 million over four years for the Jobs for NSW fund which will move away from the traditional grant model to a range of tools and levers to give businesses what they need to create jobs in NSW. At least 30 per cent of the fund is for regional and rural areas to create jobs in their districts.

Key initiatives include:

  • help fast-growing, small-to-medium sized companies - known as gazelles - to access the funds they need to grow jobs through a $50 million loan guarantee program and a $3.5 million direct loan pilot program
  • assist start-up companies to flourish into the gazelles of tomorrow by setting aside $10 million to grow NSW's network of incubators and accelerators, and $3 million in 2016-17 for direct grants to start-ups
  • grow regional companies with a dedicated $30 million program
  • attract large and international companies to base their headquarters in NSW through use of a $30 million fund.

In addition, new employment across the state will be supported by:

  • more payroll tax rebates, so that businesses have a tax advantage to recruit
  • creating jobs and apprenticeships for the construction sector through infrastructure
  • providing high quality business advice to small and medium businesses, with 70 per cent of Business Connect program funding allocated to regional NSW
  • offering financial support through the Regional Jobs Now program to businesses in rural and regional areas, enabling jobs growth in local communities
  • funding environmental and tourism infrastructure projects under the Restart NSW Regional Growth – Environment and Tourism Fund helping to increase tourist numbers, drive job creation and build on other NSW Government regional investment programs.

Boosting vocational training

  • 200,000 scholarships are available to skill young people for a job.
  • 25,000 scholarships are available to students enrolling in science, technology, engineering, and maths-related vocational qualifications.
  • New training, upskilling and employment opportunities through Smart and Skilled

What can you do?

The government wants all people of NSW to have opportunities for meaningful working lives, today and in the future.

Are you starting a business?

The government is making it easier to do business with a range of support services to help you navigate regulatory requirements, freeing you up to focus on the more important things.

Are you a business owner?

Scholarship opportunities

The NSW Government wants everyone to have a chance at a secure future. The 2017 NSW skills list is full of new qualifications and traineeships that the government is paying for under the Smart and Skilled program.

Published 14th October, 2016