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Creating jobs

Published 14th July, 2017

150,000 new jobs by 2019

Why is this important to the people of NSW?

Jobs create purpose

Jobs give people quality of life and help them to learn, grow and achieve their potential. Jobs provide purpose, independence and social connection.

We are assisting small businesses across NSW to grow, whether it be a rehabilitation practice on the Central Coast or a curtain making business in Sydney's southern suburbs. 

Since 2015, one in three new jobs in Australia has been created in NSW.

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We are two years ahead in our progress towards the target of 150,000 jobs.

How are we tracking?

As at May 2017, there were 179,300 new jobs in the NSW economy. This means that we are tracking 29,300 jobs above the 150,000 new jobs target.

What are we doing?

We are supporting job creation in three ways.

1. Supporting businesses by:

  • $190 million over four years for the Jobs for NSW fund which will strengthen the NSW economy by generating rewarding jobs and accelerating high-potential sectors. It provides:
    • funding and support for startups, fast-growth small and medium-sized enterprises, regional businesses, accelerators and incubators
    • business loans, loan guarantees and other forms of business support that will accelerate job creation.
  • providing high quality business advice to small and medium businesses, with 70 per cent of Business Connect program funding allocated to regional NSW
  • more payroll tax rebates, so that businesses have a tax advantage to recruit through the Jobs Action Plan

2. Ensuring a skilled workforce by:

  • creating jobs and apprenticeships for the construction sector through government infrastructure projects boosting vocational training through:
    • 200,000 scholarships to skill young people looking for jobs
    • 25,000 scholarships to students enrolling in science, technology, engineering, and maths-related vocational qualifications
    • new training, upskilling and employment opportunities through the Smart and Skilled program.

3. Supporting regional development by:

Case study

A key initiative under Jobs for NSW is the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Grants program. Grants are available to promising technology start-ups to support the collection of customer feedback and test their underlying business model. MVP grants are aimed at start-ups that are yet to generate revenue.  The grants help them engage with potential business customers, identify channels to market, and create innovative solutions that address compelling industry needs or market gaps.


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Sydney company Tapview is one startup with a big idea that could boost job growth in NSW. Tapview has developed micropayment technology that gives people the freedom to pay a few cents for each online news story they want to read rather than pay a full subscription for news they may not use. They received a MVP grant of $14,685 to develop their analytics technology. CEO James Jansson said that the MVP grant was vital to the development of the company, which is now looking to expand its client base in Australia and internationally.

What can you do?

Are you starting a business?

We are making it easier to do business by offering a range of support services to help you navigate regulatory requirements.

Are you a business owner?

Scholarship opportunities

We want everyone to have a chance at a secure future. The 2017 NSW skills list includes new qualifications and traineeships that is funded by us under the Smart and Skilled program.

Published 14th July, 2017