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Faster housing approvals

Published 14th October, 2016

Ninety per cent of housing approvals determined within 40 days

Why is this important?

We know it needs to be easier

By reducing the time taken to approve residential developments, the government can improve the experience of building and renovating. Providing greater certainty to building projects will save homeowners time and money, and deliver more housing for the growing population of NSW.

NSW’s population is expected to grow by more than 100,000 every year. By 2036, an extra 2.1 million residents will need somewhere to live.

*This target includes development applications (DAs) and complying development certificates (CDCs).

What is a Complying Development Certificate? (CDC)

Complying development is a fast-track approval process for straightforward residential, commercial and industrial development. Providing the application meets specific building standards, it can be approved by a council or private certifier without needing a full development application.

What is a Development Application (DA)

A development application is a request to your local council for approval to undertake certain building works. DAs require more detailed assessment as they are usually for more complex projects than can be delivered under a CDC.

How is the government tracking?

NSW is leading Australia on new residential construction.

Faster housing approvals

In the 12 months to July 2015, there were 61,057 building approvals in NSW, the highest result in more than 41 years and 64.5 per cent above the decade average.

During 2014-15:

  • the total number of approvals - DAs and CDCs - increased by six per cent from 2013-2014
  • 32 per cent of all housing approvals were approved as CDCs, up from 29 per cent in 2013-2014
  • 68 per cent of all housing approvals were DAs, down from 71 per cent in 2013-2014
  • the total value of approvals (DAs and CDCs) was $34.1 billion ($28.9 billion for DAs and $5.24 billion for CDCs), up from $28.7 billion in 2013-2014.

What is the government doing?

Housing approvals

We are making the approval process faster and simpler by allowing people to lodge both DAs and CDCs from home and we are encouraging the take-up of complying development.

The NSW Government is shortening approval timeframes by:

The NSW Planning portal: This is being improved and expanded to allow online lodgement of DA and CDC applications, so the applicant has a single central website to lodge their proposals. It will make sure more complete applications are lodged, create a standard process across NSW and provide more transparency in the approval system.

Improving and simplifying the state policy to increase take-up of complying development with:

    • the development of a new inland code for regional areas
    • simplifying the housing code
    • an education program for councils to promote complying development
    • a review of complying development for greenfields areas of NSW.

Faster housing for Sydney


Published 14th October, 2016