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Making housing more affordable

Published 22nd December, 2017

61,000 housing completions on average per year to 2021

Why is this important to the people of NSW?

We know that home buyers across NSW want a fair go.

First home buyers face increasing hurdles to get into the market. Rising prices and a lack of housing availability mean that it is more difficult than ever to own your own home.

We want to ensure enough homes are built to meet the needs of a growing population and at the same time, consider the unique character of our local neighbourhoods. While we have doubled housing completions across NSW since coming to government, more needs to be done.

NSW’s population is expected to grow by more than 100,000 every year. By 2036, an extra 2.1 million residents will need somewhere to live.

How are we tracking?

Housing completions

To support the Premier's commitment to deliver 61,000 housing completions on average per year, we will focus on two targets:

  1. 90 per cent of housing approvals determined within 40 days by 2019
  2. State-led rezoning for 10,000 additional dwellings on average per year in appropriate areas to 2021.

Faster housing approvals


What are we doing?

Faster housing approvals

  • Implementing NSW Housing Affordability Strategy to give first home buyers a fair go.
  • Streamlining housing approval processes: The Development Application Best Practice Guide supports councils to speed up housing approvals across NSW. Faster housing approvals lead to the efficient delivery of new housing.
  • Online lodgement of housing applications: We are expanding the NSW Planning Portal to enable online lodgement of housing approvals. It will create a standard process across NSW and provide more transparency in the approval system.
  • Improving and simplifying the state policy for exempt and complying development: We are creating fast-track housing approvals processes for developments by:
    • implementing a new Simplified Housing Code
    • developing proposals which have been exhibited for: a new Greenfield Housing Code; a new Medium Density Housing Code; and an Inland Code for regional areas.

Accelerate rezoning

 Urban Renewal Priority Precincts are being expanded to fast-track the delivery of new homes. These precincts will accelerate the rezoning of land to support new and more diverse developments.


Case study

Urban Renewal Priority Precinct 

Supporting the Premier’s Priority to make housing more affordable, we are establishing Urban Renewal Priority Precincts to drive Sydney’s growth and revitalisation.

Urban renewal is vital to address the increasing demand for housing and revitalise underutilised parts of Sydney, making homes available where they are needed.

The Sydney Metro Northwest Priority Urban Renewal Corridor seeks to improve urban spaces along the Sydney Metro Northwest railway – the 23km rail link that will run from Epping to Cudgegong Road at Rouse Hill.

A key part of this renewal corridor is Bella Vista Station Precinct, which aims to become 'the Hills' premier living and business precinct. Plans for the Precinct include new public spaces, including a new town square opposite the station, neighbourhood parks and accessible natural spaces around Elizabeth Macarthur Creek.

It will incorporate:

  • increased housing by accelerating rezoning through land use zones and maximum buildings heights
  • provision for improved public open space, improved connections for pedestrians and cyclists, and community facilities 
  • infrastructure works to support the forecast population growth.
Published 22nd December, 2017