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Reducing recidivism in the prison population

Published 28th June, 2019 in Breaking the cycle

Reduce adult reoffending following release from prison by five per cent by 2023.

Why is this important?

Reducing recidivism in NSW Reducing reoffending has become increasingly important given the growing numbers of offenders leaving prison. A small group of persistent offenders, many of whom have multiple and complex needs, are responsible for the majority of serious crimes in NSW. These offenders will be the focus of a refreshed strategy aimed at breaking the cycle of reoffending and offending more broadly. 

Based on the current cohort, achieving a five per cent reduction in reoffending will result in approximately 130 fewer serious reoffenders each year. This means fewer individuals committing serious crimes that impact the community such as sexual assault, burglary and drug dealing, and will begin to break the cycle of reoffending.

How are we tracking?

The rate of reoffending among our most serious offenders is on the rise. At baseline (2017 cohort), 26.8 per cent of those released from prison reoffended within 12 months, a 16.5 per cent increase since 2011.

Published 28th June, 2019 in Breaking the cycle
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