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Frequently asked questions

Published 25th June, 2019

Read the My Community Project frequently asked questions.


Q. Why do I need a MyServiceNSW Account and Medicare card to vote?

A. To keep the public vote fair, we use the MyServiceNSW Account and Medicare card to ensure each person only votes once.

MyServiceNSW Account also allows us to conduct the voting online. Many people already have a MyServiceNSW Account – if you don’t, you can sign up here

Your Medicare card will also help us identify that you're over 16 years of age and are eligible to vote for My Community Project.

Q. Why do I need to provide my home address in the voting form?

A. As you can only vote for projects in your electorate, your home address will be used to let you see the list of projects have been submitted for your area for you to vote from.

Q. Can I vote for a project outside my electorate?

A. No. My Community Project is all about letting local communities decide on the projects that will benefit their own community. All eligible voters have a chance to vote for projects in the community they live in and funding is divided evenly across all electorates.

Q. Can I only vote online?

A. Yes. To maintain the security of your vote, you are only able to vote online. However, if you would like assistance, you can visit your nearest Service NSW centre or call 13 77 88

Q. Why do I need to pick between three and five projects?

A. By picking your favourite three to five projects and putting them in order of your preference, you will help us better understand which projects are most important in your area. For example, if lots of people support a project by ranking it second, this project may win over other projects ranked first by a smaller group of people.

Q. Will some electorates receive more funding than others?

A. No. Every electorate has been allocated the same amount of funding.

Q. How much funding is available to each electorate?

A. Funding of around $260,000 is available for each of the 93 state electorates. My Community Project is made possible by the NSW Generations Fund. The NSW Generation Funds is a sovereign wealth fund created by the NSW Government with the dual objective of debt retirement and funding citizen-led community investment.

Q. Why has voting in Myall Lakes and Camden electorates opened before all the other electorates?

A. We anticipate high enthusiasm from residents of NSW to vote for their favourite local projects when statewide voting opens. The two electorates (one regional and one metro) will commence voting prior to statewide voting to ensure the smoothest possible user experience when voting opens to all electorates.

Applicants and sponsors

Q. How were applications assessed before projects were put to voting?

A. After applications closed, a Government panel reviewed and assessed all the project applications for eligibility and viability before the projects were put up for voting on the website. Probity advisors supported the panel in their decision making. The assessment involved:

  • confirming that the applicant, project sponsor and the project are all eligible as per the program guidelines
  • validating the project scope, timings and budget are viable.

Q. Can I promote voting for my project in my local community?

A. Yes. You can promote your project within your community or in your local area using un-paid advertising such as social media posts (not boosted), distributing fliers and posters, through word-of-mouth or letterbox drops. Paid advertising or promotional activity is not permitted.

Q. If my project is successful, will I (the applicant) be responsible for the project funding?

A. No. The project sponsor will receive the funding and be responsible for delivering the project according to the agreed delivery milestones.

Q. I think my project was popular but it didn’t get funded. How can I check?

A. The results of the vote will be published on the My Community Project website in September 2019. This will include the number of points each project received as a result of the vote.

Q. What happens with the successful projects after the vote?

A. The sponsor organisations will be responsible for delivering the projects. The NSW Government will enter into funding agreements with the sponsors and the projects will be monitored to make sure they are successfully delivered.

Q. Is there a time limit for the projects to be delivered?

A. Projects must be completed within 12 months from the date the funding agreement is signed.

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Published 25th June, 2019
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