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NSW Caretaker Period has commenced

The caretaker period for the NSW Election commenced on 1 March 2019.

Accordingly, no ministerial press releases or related information issued by the Government from 1 March 2019 will be available on this website.

For copies of recently-issued ministerial press releases or information on the election policies of any political party, please go to the website of the relevant political party.

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Published 28th February, 2019

Read the My Community Project frequently asked questions.

My application

Q. Can my project sponsor be an organisation I work for?

A. Yes. As long as you both meet the eligibility requirements, you can nominate a project as the applicant with the support of your employer as the project sponsor.

Q. Can a project be located on private land?

A. Yes, as long as it is for the public benefit. For example, you might partner with a charity to run free swimming lessons for disadvantaged kids at the local swimming pool that is privately owned. The owner of the swimming pool would need to provide consent as part of your application.

Q. Do I need to include GST in my cost estimate for the project?

A. You only need to include GST if your sponsor organisation is registered for GST. Check with your project sponsor before completing your application.

Q. Can I allocate money in my budget for additional or unexpected costs?

A. Yes. Even with the best of planning, we know costs can sometimes blow out. You can put aside 15 per cent of your project budget for administration and unexpected costs (e.g., unexpected increases to the costs of your materials). If you don’t end up using the money you put aside, it will be deducted from your final grant payment.

Q. Can I allocate money in my budget for ongoing maintenance costs?

A. No. Once your project has been completed, your project sponsor will be responsible for making sure any operating or maintenance costs are covered.

Q. Can I provide additional documents with my application?

A. No. Applications will be assessed on the information you and the project sponsor provide in the online application form. When completing your application, make sure all the key information is included in the application form as additional or late information will not be considered.

Q. How will my application be assessed before voting?

A. After applications close on 15 May 2019, projects will be assessed for eligibility and viability before they are published on the My Community Project website. This will involve confirming:

  • the applicant, project sponsor and the project are all eligible under the program guidelines
  • the project scope, timings and budget are viable.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of projects my organisation can sponsor?

A. While there is no formal limit to the number of projects an organisation can sponsor, it is important that you only sponsor projects that you will be able to deliver, should they receive funding.

Q. Can my organisation be a project sponsor if we have already received funding for other projects through Community Building Partnerships or another NSW Government program?

A. Yes, as long as your organisation can show it is not receiving funding to deliver the same project. In some cases, project sponsors of successful projects will not be eligible to sponsor My Community Project ideas the following year (i.e. some sponsors of 2019 projects may not be able to sponsor projects under My Community Project 2020). This is to keep things fair and make sure the money doesn’t go to the same organisations each year. More detail on how this will be implemented will be included in the 2020 guidelines for My Community Project.


Q. Why do I need a MyServiceNSW Account to vote?

A. MyServiceNSW allows us to conduct the voting online. Many people already have a MyServiceNSW account – if you don’t, you can sign up online.

Q. Why do I need to provide my home address in the voting form?

A. As you can only vote for projects in your electorate, your home address will be used to let you see the list of projects that have been submitted for your area.

Q. Can I vote for a project outside my electorate?

A. No. My Community Project is all about letting local communities decide on the projects that will benefit them. All eligible voters have a chance to vote for projects in the community they live in and funding is divided evenly across all electorates.

Q. Will some electorates receive more funding than others?

A. No. Every electorate has been allocated the same amount of funding.

After voting

Q. I think my project was popular but it didn’t get funded - how can I check?

A. The results of the vote will be published on the My Community Project website in September 2019. This will include the number of points each project received as a result of the vote.

Q. What happens with the successful projects after the vote?

A. The sponsor organisations will be responsible for delivering the projects. The NSW Government will enter into funding agreements with the sponsors and the projects will be monitored to make sure they stay on track.

Q. If my project is successful, will I (the applicant) be responsible for the project funding?

A. No. The project sponsor will receive the funding and be responsible for delivering the project according to the agreed delivery milestones.

Q. Is there a time limit for the projects to be delivered?

A. Projects must be completed within 12 months from the date the funding agreement is signed.

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Published 28th February, 2019
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