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Night-time Economy

The NSW Government is committed to growing a vibrant, safe and diverse Night-time Economy to enhance Sydney’s standing as a global city, and make the city a safe and great place to live, work and visit.

What is the Night-time Economy and why is it important?

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The Night-time Economy generally involves social, cultural and business activities that take place from 6pm - 6am. The Night-time Economy is a key driver of growth, and a significant contributor to the economy, employing around 1.17 million people across Australia and generating over $121 million in sales turnover nationally. Sydney has a vibrant night-life that attracts visitors and boosts the local economy, employing over 32,411 people1.

The NSW Government is implementing a range of initiatives to ensure Sydney’s Night-time Economy continues to offer vibrant and diverse cultural experiences and delivers support to artists, musicians, businesses and their local communities for the long-term.


1. Otus Economic Research's The Australian Night Time Economy 2015 report

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