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Catastrophic fire danger

Catastrophic fire danger is forecast for Greater Sydney, Greater Hunter and Illawarra Shoalhaven areas on Tuesday 12 November 2019. High temperatures, strong winds and low humidity are forecast, making conditions dangerous.

A statewide total fire ban remains for the rest of NSW.

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Sydney night-time skyline

Night-time economy

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The NSW Government is committed to growing a vibrant, safe and diverse night-time economy to enhance Sydney’s standing as a global city, and make the city a safe and great place to live, work and visit.

What is the night-time economy and why is it important?

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The night-time economy generally involves social, cultural and business activities that take place from 6pm - 6am. The night-time economy is a key driver of growth, and a significant contributor to the economy, employing around 1.17 million people across Australia and generating over $121 million in sales turnover nationally. Sydney has a vibrant night-life that attracts visitors and boosts the local economy, employing over 32,411 people1.

The NSW Government is implementing a range of initiatives to ensure Sydney’s night-time economy continues to offer vibrant and diverse cultural experiences and delivers support to artists, musicians, businesses and their local communities for the long-term.


1. Otus Economic Research's The Australian Night Time Economy 2015 report

Tagged in Business and Economy
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