Premier's Innovation Initiative

Published 20th December, 2016

Thank you for your interest in the Premier’s Innovation Initiative. The Initiative has now closed.

The experience and learnings taken from the process will inform the new NSW Innovation Strategy, which encapsulates the NSW Government’s vision to boost innovation in NSW.

The Strategy will help us to tackle complex economic, environmental and social challenges, stimulate economic activity and drive shared prosperity for the people of NSW. Download the Innovation Strategy and read about the Government's initiatives

The Premier’s Innovation Initiative elicited a large of number of quality ideas, including:

  • Reducing congestion using big data: National ICT Australia (NICTA) is partnering with the NSW Government to compile data from Opal, GPS devices, traffic signals, and buses to provide better information for the Transport Management Centre to alert road users of congestion incidents and provide information about alternatives.
  • Trucks ‘talk’ to traffic lights to reduce congestion: Cohda Wireless is developing a system to reduce the number of times trucks stop at traffic lights, to reduce congestion and smooth the traffic flow for all road users. The outcomes of this project will inform future work looking at incorporating connected vehicle technology in other vehicles, and is a key step towards making Sydney’s infrastructure ready for connected and automated vehicles.

Transport for NSW is also establishing the Smart Innovation Centre, a world-class innovation incubator bringing together industry, investors, researchers, government agencies, vehicle manufacturers, technology providers and data analysts to test and trial technologies to support the transport system of the future. This will ensure the Government is not just waiting for the next emerging transport technology, but is an active partner in developing it.

Published 20th December, 2016