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Waratah Research

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NSW Government and universities are working together to solve complex problems.

Collaboration. Innovation. Impact.

A strong, vibrant and high-quality research and innovation ecosystem is critical for driving the prosperity of NSW. Research delivers the new ideas, products and skills needed to address complex issues and state priorities. Waratah Research facilitates university, government and industry partnerships to deliver impact-driven research and evidence-based outcomes for NSW and its communities.

NSW is home to world-leading universities and the largest population and economy in Australia. NSW Government agencies provide grants and funding opportunities for research and development to universities, industry and small business, and the non-government sector. At the same time, universities and industry are increasingly collaborating with community groups to translate research for community benefit.

Waratah Research brings together government agencies with high impact research teams from universities and industry. This collaboration will translate research and development into innovative ideas and evidence-based policies to improve social, economic and environmental outcomes for NSW.

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Tagged in Education
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