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Published 4th March, 2018 in Infrastructure, Business and Economy, Education, Environment, Transport

The Western Sydney City Deal is a partnership between the Australian Government, NSW Government, and local governments of the Blue Mountains, Camden, Campbelltown, Fairfield, Hawkesbury, Liverpool, Penrith and Wollondilly.


Western Sydney is a unique region with a richly diverse community.

It is the people of Western Sydney that are the true heartbeat of this region — hardworking, enterprising and forever willing to have a go. The potential for Western Sydney and its people over the next 10 to 20 years is truly boundless. At the centre of this potential is a new city, supported by the construction of the new Western Sydney Airport that will connect the region and the people of Western Sydney to the world. This investment will create world-class jobs and great quality of life.

Today we have announced the game changing Western Sydney City Deal which sets out to deliver on this grand vision for the Western City. The Australian and NSW governments have come together with local governments in agreeing on a set of commitments that will unlock opportunities in education, business and employment for the Western City and its people.

The time has arrived for Western Sydney to take its place on the world stage.

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP
Prime Minister
Commonwealth of Australia

The Hon Gladys Berejiklian MP
New South Wales

Western Sydney City Deal at a glance

  • Airport train

    Realising the 30-minute city by delivering the North South Rail Link.

  • Woman studying plants

    Creating 200,000 jobs by supercharging the Aerotropolis and agribusiness precinct as catalysts.

  • A university student

    Skilling our residents in the region and initiating an Aerospace Institute.

  • Students in video editing suites

    Respecting and building on local character through a $150 million Liveability Program.

  • Housing construction on new lots of land

    Coordination and innovation through a Planning Partnership.

  • Modern architecture

    Getting on with delivering for the Western Parkland City with enduring tri-level governance.

Western Sydney City Deal Commitments


The new Western Parkland City will be one of Australia’s most connected cities. In an emerging 30-minute city, innovative public transport, aviation and digital infrastructure will bring residents closer to jobs, centres, education and the world.

The Australian and NSW governments jointly commit to deliver the first stage of the North South Rail Link from St Marys to Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis via Western Sydney Airport, with a joint objective of having rail connected to the Western Sydney Airport in time for its opening.

Work will immediately commence on a thorough design and investment case for the North South Rail Link (including the South West Rail Link) as part of an integrated planning and city-shaping approach.

Map of north-south rail link

Key Features

  • North South Rail Link (from St Marys to the Aerotropolis via Western Sydney Airport) connecting people with new high-value jobs and the world
  • Rapid bus services linking Liverpool, Penrith and Campbelltown with the Aerotropolis by the opening of the airport
  • Exploring 5G network and smart digital technology to generate opportunities for creative, digital and technology businesses and better connected communities.

Jobs for the future

The Western Parkland City will create 200,000 new jobs across a wide range of industries over the next 20 years. The airport and Aerotropolis will attract infrastructure, investment and knowledge-intensive jobs, and the benefits will flow into health and education, retail, hospitality, and industrial activities that will power the city.

The Australian and NSW governments, with support from local governments, will supercharge job creation in the Western Parkland City. The Aerotropolis will be the catalyst for employment growth in the metropolitan centres of Liverpool, Penrith and Campbelltown, and the broader city. An Investment Attraction Office will be established to attract international companies, with global defence and security leader Northrop Grumman the first to commit to the Aerotropolis.

A Development Authority will be set up, with an initial focus on the Commonwealth land within the Aerotropolis to commence delivery of 200,000 jobs, over 20 years, needed for our community.

Key Features

  • The Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis will be a world-class employment sector for jobs in aviation, aerospace, defence industries and advanced manufacturing
  • A high employment agribusiness precinct to leverage the airport by providing new domestic and export opportunities for NSW farmers
  • An Investment Attraction Fund and Western Sydney Investment Attraction Office
  • A Western Sydney Development Authority to plan and develop the genesis of the Aerotropolis
  • Establishing the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission in Penrith
  • Releasing government land to drive economic growth
  • Targets for Indigenous employment, social employment and procurement


Map of Sydney regional centres, including the Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis, highlighted

The Western Sydney Airport will create a metropolitan centre that develops its own infrastructure, land use and economy. The Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis will be an exciting, world-class precinct adjoining the airport and catering for a range of advanced industries ready to invest and make the Western Parkland City their home.

The airport alone will create 13,000 direct jobs. The potential for knowledge-intensive jobs in the Aerotropolis and flow-on jobs across the region is even greater. 

Skills and education

Residents of the Western Parkland City will have access to the best in education and skills training opportunities. A new university, schools and VET facilities will align with the high-skilled businesses and industries of the Aerotropolis.

The creation of an Aerospace Institute in the Aerotropolis will be the immediate focus of skills and education planning. The Aerospace Institute, located on Commonwealth lands at North Bringelly will include a world class science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) university, a high performance secondary school and an advanced vocational education and training (VET) facility. This integrated education facility will be an anchor institute in the growing Aerotropolis. The institute will be delivered in partnership through co-investment of government and industry, connecting students to the knowledge-intensive jobs of the Aerotropolis.

In the Western Parkland City area, 11 new and relocated schools and 21 major upgrades are already in planning, design or construction, due to an investment of more than $700 million by the NSW Government.

Over the next 20 years, the equivalent of an extra 1,300 classrooms will be required to be delivered to accommodate the educational needs of the Western Parkland City as it grows.

Investment by the university sector will transform the metropolitan centre of Liverpool, with future opportunities at Penrith and Campbelltown to complement existing universities in the Western Parkland City.

Key Features

  • Aerospace Institute
  • Expressions of interest for a STEM university
  • Aerotropolis VET facility to upskill future workforces
  • High-performance secondary school connecting students with aviation, engineering, science and the industries of the Aerotropolis
  • TAFE Skills Exchange to grow talent in the construction of the Western Sydney Airport

Liveability and environment

The Western Parkland City has a unique landscape that is surrounded by protected natural assets. Its future neighbourhoods will be even more liveable and sustainable. Local project funding will create healthy and active communities that build on their strengths and support open spaces.

The $150 million Western Parkland City Liveability Program is designed to enhance local character in each of the participating councils. Priority projects, co-funded with councils, will be announced in 2018. These projects will be exemplars of local character and are an essential dimension to community building as the Western Parkland City transforms over the next 20 years.

Western Parkland City Liveability Program

  • New $150 million program
  • Supporting new community infrastructure across the Western Parkland City
  • Projects will be selected using eligibility criteria and will be equally shared between participating councils
  • Successful projects to be announced during 2018

Key Features

  • Western Parkland City Liveability Program to support local character, wellbeing and belonging in communities
  • Restoring and protecting the South Creek Corridor to form a sustainable urban parkland
  • A Strategic Assessment under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth)

Planning and housing

Innovative approaches to planning for and delivering housing will ensure that growth is balanced with maintaining the local character of the Western Parkland City.

The NSW Government and the growth councils of the Western Parkland City (Liverpool, Penrith, Campbelltown, Camden, Fairfield and Wollondilly) in conjunction with Blacktown, will immediately establish a formal planning partnership. This partnership will achieve better alignment between growth and enabling infrastructure for the Western Parkland City’s growing communities. The focus of the planning partnership will include achieving better planning outcomes that improve local character and planning approvals, and delivering appropriate density around transport nodes.

The City Deal will utilise the $15 million Commonwealth Housing Package for Western Sydney, with matched funding from the NSW Government, to create a $30 million Western Parkland City housing package. This will support planning systems that deliver new housing, improve housing affordability, achieve high built form and public domain design standards, and reduce administrative roadblocks.

Key Features

  • A Western Parkland City Planning Partnership to achieve better outcomes in planning approvals
  • A $30 million Western Parkland City housing package to ensure sustainable growth
  • Streamlined and optimised planning practices to support future growth
  • Short- and long-term housing targets and housing strategies
  • Growth Infrastructure Compacts piloted to match housing and jobs growth with delivery of infrastructure

Implementation and governance

The Australian, NSW and local governments will work together to support the growth, success and sustainability of the Western Parkland City.

A clear, joined up and enduring governance arrangement will focus on getting on with the job of delivering the Western Parkland City. This includes clear involvement of all tiers of government, involvement of local communities through their councils and a consistent and innovative relationship with industry. An implementation plan, published in 2018, will clearly show how we plan to deliver on and measure our progress for each commitment.

Measuring success

Signing the City Deal is just the beginning of a committed project of transformation over the next 20 years. The community will be able to track the City Deal’s progress and be confident in the Western Parkland City’s long-lasting success.

  • Publication of annual reports on Western Sydney City Deal implementation
  • Monitoring key performance metrics
  • Reporting to ministers and local government representatives
  • Western Sydney City Deal to be reviewed after three years
  • Ongoing updates to progress available on the Greater Sydney Commission’s Data Hub


The NSW Government has signed international investment agreements with some of Japan’s biggest multinational companies - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, the Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Hitachi and Urban Renaissance Agency to strengthen the development of the Western Sydney Airport Aerotropolis. 

Sydney Markets, Northrop Grumman, Vitex Pharmaceuticals and the university sector through the NUW Alliance, University of Sydney and Western Sydney University have signed agreements as domestic partners to contribute towards the creation of jobs and skills in the Aerotropolis.

Eighteen NSW space companies and supporting organisations have also signed on to develop a ‘Space Industry Hub’ in Sydney that will grow space companies for later relocation to the Aerotropolis.

The combined global networks and expertise is another major step forward in attracting large-scale domestic and international investment to develop industry precincts around Western Sydney Airport.

Commitments in detail

Icon representing connectivity Connectivity

Western Sydney Rail

Deliver rail for the Western City

The Australian and NSW governments will deliver the first stage of a North South Rail Link from St Marys to Western Sydney Airport and the Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis.

As a first step, the NSW Government will protect suitable corridors for future rail connections in Western Sydney. Both governments will contribute up to $50 million each to a business case process, in consultation with local government. This will include investigation of integrated transport and delivery options for a full North South Rail Link from Schofields to Macarthur and a South West Rail Link to connect Leppington to the Western Sydney Airport via an interchange at the Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis.

The Australian and NSW governments will be equal partners in funding the first stage of the North South Rail Link and have a shared objective to connect rail to Western Sydney Airport in time for opening, informed by the business case.

Rapid bus services

Rapid bus services for the Western City

The NSW Government will establish rapid bus services from the metropolitan centres of Penrith, Liverpool and Campbelltown to the Western Sydney Airport before it opens in 2026, and to the Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis.

Digital connectivity and smart technology

Western City Digital Action Plan

Local governments will lead the development of a Western City Digital Action Plan in collaboration with the Australian and NSW governments, and industry partners.

Smart Western City Program

The NSW Government will deliver a Smart Western City Program to enable NSW agencies to embed interoperable smart and secure technology – such as transport and utility monitoring systems – into new infrastructure as it is rolled out.

5G strategy

The NSW and local government will develop a 5G strategy for the Western Parkland City, which will include partnering with a telecommunications carrier to deliver a trial of 5G technology.

Openly available data sets

NSW and local governments will explore, identify and make data publicly available in line with open-data principles. To facilitate this, the Australian Government will establish a Western Parkland City data catalogue on and NationalMap, and support local governments to fully utilise the platform. Better access to local data has the potential to drive innovation and improved service delivery across the Western Parkland City.

Icon representing jobs Jobs for the future

A world-class Aerotropolis

Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis

The Australian, NSW and local governments will work together to establish a Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis as a world-class city precinct that supports jobs growth. The Australian Government will enable the development of 114 hectares of Commonwealth land at North Bringelly, to accelerate jobs growth and help build the new Western Parkland City.

The NSW Government will establish an enabling infrastructure program on the Commonwealth land to kick-start servicing of the precinct.

Western Sydney Development Authority

The Australian and NSW governments will establish a Western Sydney Development Authority to become master planner and master developer of the Aerotropolis with an initial focus on the Commonwealth land.

Investment and industry attraction

Western Sydney Investment Attraction Office

The NSW Government, with the Australian Government and local governments, will establish the Western Sydney Investment Attraction Office in Liverpool to attract domestic and international investment. Its initial focus will be on the Aerotropolis, as well as supporting existing industrial areas and employment centres.

Investment Attraction Fund The NSW Government will establish an Investment Attraction Fund to support the work of the Investment Attraction Office.
Establish jobs in the region The Australian Government will establish the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Quality and Safeguards Commission in Penrith, creating up to 150 new jobs in Western Sydney.
High-value employment precincts The NSW Government will deliver a Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan and an associated State Environmental Planning Policy to set the planning framework for the Aerotropolis and the broader Western Sydney Airport Growth Area. These policies will identify key employment precincts, and safeguard the operation of the Western Sydney Airport.
Surplus government land to drive jobs growth

The Australian Government will release the Penrith Multi-User Depot for sale, to be used to support jobs growth in the Penrith CBD.

The NSW and local governments will review government land and explore opportunities for release of surplus or underutilised land and assets to drive economic growth.

Expanding agribusiness opportunities
Agribusiness precinct The NSW Government will commission a feasibility study into an agribusiness precinct for the Western Sydney Airport.
Support Indigenous businesses to thrive
Indigenous Business Hub The Australian Government will establish an Indigenous Business Hub in the Western City, to capitalise on the opportunity for Indigenous businesses and entrepreneurs. The hub will deliver coordinated business support services to support a thriving Indigenous business sector.
Indigenous small business and skills package The NSW Government will deliver an Indigenous small business and skills package across the Western Parkland City, including a new Opportunity Hub in Liverpool and an expansion of the Opportunity Hub in Campbelltown to help connect Indigenous school leavers with jobs; an Indigenous Business Connect Program to support Indigenous people to start or grow a business; 50 additional Bert Evans scholarships and mentoring support for young people; and a dedicated Aboriginal Enterprise Development Officer Program.
More job opportunities
Indigenous, social and local participation targets

The Australian and NSW governments will work to adopt Indigenous, social and local employment and procurement targets in construction projects, including a 2.4 per cent indigenous employment target and a 3 per cent Indigenous procurement target for construction projects in the district. Details on the timing for introduction of these targets will be included in the City Deal Implementation Plan.

The NSW Government will support the introduction of these targets by increasing funding for apprenticeships and traineeships in Western Sydney, and for pre-vocational qualifications.

Icon representing Skills and education Skills and education

Education and skills
TAFE Skills Exchange near Western Sydney Airport TAFE NSW will work with the Australian Government and WSA Co to establish a Skills Exchange near the Western Sydney Airport, to provide local training for the workers needed to construct the Airport and other major projects.
Education partnership NSW will seek to establish a partnership agreement on education to identify and deliver more education facilities for the Western City to support urban growth over time, in a manner consistent with the School Assets Strategic Plan.
Building partnerships through an Aerospace Institute
STEM university The NSW Government will call for proposals from leading global universities and industry to form part of an integrated Aerospace Institute in the Aerotropolis.
VET facility in the Aerotropolis The NSW Government will establish a permanent VET facility in the Aerotropolis with a focus on construction, aviation and aeronautical-related engineering to support residents of the Western Parkland City to access jobs of the future.
New public high school focused on the aerospace and aviation industries The NSW Government will build a new public high school in the Aerotropolis with vocational links to Western Sydney Airport and the aerospace and aviation industries, preparing students for future job opportunities.

Icon representing Liveability and environment Liveability and environment

Amenity and liveability across the Western Parkland City
Western Parkland City Liveability Program The Australian and NSW governments will each provide $60 million, with $30 million from councils, to establish a hallmark Western Parkland City Liveability Program. Projects funded will deliver improved community facilities and urban amenity, and enhance liveability to enable and complement new housing supply.
Protect and preserve environmental assets and parkland character
Centre of Innovation in Plant Sciences The NSW Government will create a Western Sydney Centre of Innovation in Plant Sciences at the Australian Botanic Garden in Mount Annan.
Restore and protect South Creek The South Creek corridor from Narellan to Hawkesbury has been identified as an important environmental spine for the Western Parkland City. The NSW Government will develop a strategy for South Creek that will investigate its restoration and protection.
Streamlined environmental approvals
Strategic assessment under the EPBC Act The Australian and NSW governments will progress a Strategic Assessment under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth) to protect the environment and streamline environmental approvals for development.
Improve community health
Western Sydney Health Alliance Local governments, in collaboration with health partners, will establish the Western Sydney Health Alliance to improve coordination and effectiveness of health services in the region, supporting healthier neighbourhoods.

Icon representing Planning and housing Planning and housing

$30 million Western Parkland City housing package
Housing targets for the Western Parkland City The NSW Government will set and publish 5- and 20-year housing targets for each local government area to deliver at least 184,500 homes over the next 20 years consistent with the targets in the Western City District Plan.
Fast-track local housing strategies The Australian and NSW governments will accelerate adoption of new Local Environmental Plans, and associated local housing strategies, by providing $2.5 million incentive payments to Camden, Campbelltown, Fairfield, Liverpool, Penrith and Wollondilly. New plans will be agreed within two years, and set a course to achieve local housing targets and better quality outcomes for local communities.
New Growth Area for the Greater Penrith to St Marys corridor The Australian and NSW governments will undertake land use and infrastructure planning for a new Growth Area for the Greater Penrith to Eastern Creek corridor. This will ensure new housing can be planned, delivered and integrated with new infrastructure such as schools, health care and transport.
Uniform local government engineering design standards and telecommunications planning

The Australian Government will support council development of uniform, best practice local government engineering design standards to simplify the development assessment process, deliver better outcomes for local residents and reduce costs to homebuyers.

The NSW and local governments will support enhanced telecommunications and connectivity outcomes through better consideration of telecommunications needs in planning processes in line with national best practice – ensuring appropriate design for telecommunications services in new developments and the public domain.

Pilot Growth Infrastructure Compacts The NSW Government will establish pilot Growth Infrastructure Compacts for the Western Parkland City. The compacts will coordinate planning and delivery of new housing supply and ensure that the required infrastructure is delivered as it is needed.
A partnership approach to planning
Western Sydney Planning Partnership The NSW Government will create a new planning partnership with the growth councils – Liverpool, Penrith, Campbelltown, Camden, Wollondilly – in conjunction with Blacktown to achieve more efficient and higher quality outcomes.
Innovative planning for future infrastructure needs
Transport and water infrastructure models The NSW and Australian governments will develop transport and water infrastructure models to innovatively plan for future infrastructure needs. These models will accelerate development assessment processes and streamline infrastructure delivery, and support the Growth Infrastructure Compacts.

Icon representing Implementation and governance Implementation and governance

Enduring tri-government governance
Long-term governance The three levels of government will establish a long-term governance arrangement. This will oversee the delivery of the City Deal and the enduring growth and sustainability of the Western Parkland City. The Implementation Board will establish mechanisms to consult with stakeholders.
Western Sydney City Deal Implementation Plan The three levels of government will agree and publish an implementation plan for the City Deal in 2018. The implementation plan will clearly define how these commitments will be delivered, when they will be delivered and who will be responsible.
Key performance metrics

To monitor the impact of the commitments delivered through the Western Sydney City Deal, parties will agree and publish key performance metrics in the implementation plan.

The City Deal will be evaluated three years after its signing.

Community partnership
Work with Indigenous organisations to maximise opportunities The three levels of government commit to work with Indigenous organisations in the Western Parkland City, to realise economic, social and cultural outcomes for Aboriginal people in Western Sydney.

Our policy settings

The Australian and NSW governments both have plans for managing growth and delivering infrastructure in our cities.

  • Aerial view of industrial area with a river running through it

    The Australian Government’s Smart Cities Plan represents a new framework for city policy at the federal level -  and it is a framework that will support action across all levels of government to deliver better outcomes for our cities, the people who live in them and all Australians.

  • A map of greater Sydney with the Western Parkland City, Central River City and Easter Harbour City highlighted. Regional centres such as Greater Penrith, the Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis and Campbelltown-Macarthur are highlighted

    The Western City District Plan is the blueprint for the coordination of land use and infrastructure over the next 20 to 40 years. The Western City District Plan implements the NSW Government’s Greater Sydney Region Plan at a local level, focusing on infrastructure, productivity, liveability and sustainability.

Published 4th March, 2018 in Infrastructure, Business and Economy, Education, Environment, Transport
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