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Your town water in regional NSW

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Find information about restriction levels and town water quality. 

Filling up a glass of water

Check water restrictions

The water information table below outlines regions with the highest level of water restrictions and links to water quality information.

Please note, as there is inconsistency around restriction levels from council to council, check what your town's water restriction level means for you in the water information table below: 

Water information table
TownWater restriction levelInformation on water quality
Central Darling Shire Council
Menindee Level 1 Current advice
Sunset Strip Level 1 Current advice
Wilcannia Level 4 Current advice
White Cliffs Level 3 Current advice
Walgett Shire Council
Walgett Level 5 Current advice
Warrumbungle Shire Council
Coonabarabran Level 5 Current advice
Mendooran Level 6 Current advice

All other towns in NSW

Check with the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) to see if your town has water restrictions.

If your town does not appear on the BoM website, contact your local water utility or supplier.

What we are doing

The NSW Government has appointed James McTavish, Regional Town Water Supply Coordinator to ensure NSW residents are able to access to safe and acceptable drinking water.

Communicating information about the safety of drinking water is the responsibility of your local water utility or council. We are working closely with NSW water utilities and local councils to improve the information on their websites. 

So far in 2019, almost $11.5 million has been allocated to assist local government water utilities in ensuring regional towns in NSW have access to adequate water supplies.

This money will be spent directly on concrete solutions such as groundwater bores, piping, water pumps, water treatment, and where necessary, water carting.

Town water is very rarely determined to be unsafe for drinking.  If a Water Alert needs to be issued, it will come from your local water utility, and they will communicate this to residents. 

The water information table above outlines the council areas with the most critical water restrictions, and it provides links to alerts provided by local water utilities.

How to improve the taste of town water

The taste of water can change if levels are low. Check with your local water utility if you have concerns about changes in water taste. If the water is safe to drink, but the taste is off-putting, here are some suggestions to improve the taste of town water:

  • chill it - fill a jug and refrigerate the tap water before drinking
  • add a low sugar cordial
  • add slices lemon, lime, orange and cucumber
  • use a water filter.

Find more suggestions on the Make Healthy Normal website.

More information

Contact James McTavish, Regional Town Water Supply Coordinator, Department of Premier and Cabinet for more information.

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