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Buy Regional

Show your support for country communities and #BuyRegional.

One of the best ways you can support regional communities in NSW is to Buy Regional. Browse the product categories below to buy direct from the producer or small business owner, making sure their towns and villages benefit directly from your purchases.

By partnering with fellow advocates of buying regionally, and with individual makers, this page brings all these into one spot. You’ll have the chance to find and buy special items direct, and to make a difference for those struggling through the drought and bushfires.

Explore by category

  • PouringHoneyinJar

    From farm raised goat to home grown honey, NSW is home to growers and makers of fine produce that’s perfect for gifting. This where you’ll find meat, preserves, chocolates, and more, all packed to the brim with country flavour.

  • Red wine and vineyard

    Stock up on regional wines, micro-brewed beers, distilled delights like rum and whiskey and unusual soft drinks that will add sparkle to your holiday celebrations.

  • Christmas Hamper

    Sample a smorgasbord of regional goodies in one delightful bundle – buying a hamper does double duty by supporting a host of different producers and giving you the chance to sample a range of finely made regional produce.

  • Barefoot Farm Pecan Dukkah Lamb

    Tempting recipes created to showcase delicious ingredients sourced from Buy Regional's food producers.

  • Kids playroom

    Share the love with families in the regions by buying your little friends entertaining toys and all things cute and cuddly from country retailers or makers.

  • Pottery

    This is where you’ll find country homewares and beautiful jewellery, handmade with metals and gems sourced from the regions. Perfect when you’re looking for something uniquely Australian for that special someone.

  • Wellbeing gifts

    Hand-made soaps, organic veggie powders and other healthy indulgences from the regions make beautiful and original presents.

  • Clothes on a rack

    Looking for pieces that have a certain individual style? You’ll find inspiration here with regional exclusives like made-to-order handcrafted leather accessories and beautiful clothes you and your friends will love.

  • A horse and dog in a paddock

    Plenty of creature comforts for your four-legged, furry and feathered friends. Buy treats for your pets and farm animals and support regional suppliers to boot.

  • A woman looking outside of a car

    Want to gift a wine tour or cooking class in the regions to your nearest and dearest? Bush tucker tours, homestays and much more are here. We encourage you to visit despite the tough times! Just check with providers about their capacity before booking.

  • Shop local

    Why Leave Town Gift Cards provide support to regional communities who are struggling due to the bushfires and ongoing drought. Donating via Why Leave Town Gift Cards will help someone in need and also keep money circulating locally. Gift cards will be distributed by local organisations within the town you select.

  • Grace Brennan

    The Facebook and Instagram feed of Buy from the Bush showcases beautiful things available in rural areas facing drought. People can buy direct from the producer, through the feed.

  • Cassandra McLaren

    One Day Closer to Rain is a Facebook group focused on drought support, with a market page selling unique hand crafted arts and design pieces. People can buy direct from the maker, through the feed.

  • Matt Moran

    Thankful4Farmers is an initiative that aims to demonstrate support for Australian farming and rural communities and raise funds to create sustainable transformational impact. Supported by ambassador, Matt Moran, Thankful4Farmers will raise money via Australian consumers purchasing select retail products as well as ordering select seasonal dishes from partnering restaurants.

Register your business

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You have a few decisions to make before you start selling online.

You can set up your site using an existing e-commerce site such as Shopify, Squarespace and Wix.

Existing marketplaces such as eBay or Etsy are quick and easy to use sites to list your products.

Each path to online selling has benefits and challenges, so you’ll need to do some research to find the best match for your business.

Existing marketplaces can be a great place to start your online selling adventure. Guides to the most commonly used platforms are below.

When you’re considering marketplaces, ask important questions such as:

  • Are there set-up fees?
  • Are there ongoing subscription costs? (There can be big differences in costs from zero to around $60 a month.)
  • Are fees charged for every item sold?
  • Can the site handle foreign transactions? (Some sites allow purchases from other countries.)

You’ll also need to check functionality, ease of use and if you’re not comfortable in the online world, you will need to make sure the platform offers good technical support.

You should consider how much product you will sell online. Many of the marketplaces have a moving schedule of fees depending on your volume of sales.

Online marketplaces

  • eBay is still the dominant player in Australia. They have a clear and simple guide to setting up an eBay store.
  • Etsy is a well-known marketplace with rules about what you can sell. Items are limited to handmade goods, vintage items that are over 20 years old and craft supplies. Find out how to set up an Etsy store.
  • Amazon boats over 20 categories for products and easy ways to ship your products. Learn how to sell products on Amazon.
  • Instagram is an easy place to show off the visual appeal of products, and many sellers are already on the channel. Find out how to sell products from Instagram.
  • Facebook marketplace is a popular place to sell items. Find out the steps to set up an account on Facebook marketplace.

This is a small selection of what is available online. It's also best to do plenty of your own research.

E-Commerce can work well for businesses that already have a strong brand and a clear direction.

There are more hurdles with this option, including setting up a merchant ID and purchasing a domain name. Good e-commerce sites walk you through these steps.

According to the best e-commerce sites have tools to walk you through the process, including hosting, design, pricing and payment options, reporting and postage calculators. 

Guides to set up e-commerce sites

This is a small selection of what is available online. It's also best to do plenty of your own research.

Advice to small businesses is available from NSW Business Connect advisors who have a broad range of skills covering essential business topics, including business planning, marketing and how to grow your digital presence.

The first four hours of one-on-one business advice is free. After that sessions are highly subsidised by the NSW Government. Get in touch with a Business Connect advisor.

Find out more about the digital advisors offered through Business Connect.

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