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Tooleybuc Master Planning

Published 27th February, 2019

Tooleybuc is transitioning from an agricultural to horticultural base. 

The shift to a horticultural base in Tooleybuc and surrounding townships has been driven by a transition from dryland cropping to nut plantings (almonds and pistachios) and citrus plantings.

Plans for Tooleybuc

Tooleybuc is a small town in the Riverina-Murray region of NSW. 

It is expected that almond plantations will grow by at least 10,000 hectares over the next few years in Koraleigh, Goodnight and Kyalite. This will generate demand for full-time and seasonal employment and a flow-on demand for housing, services and infrastructure in Tooleybuc.

Tooleybuc planning studies have started and will identify where growth should occur and what infrastructure investment and planning support will be needed.  A master plan will inform any land use changes that will be delivered through simplified and streamlined planning processes. 

Community consultation

Community consultation is ongoing and the Murray River Council has been active in encouraging the local community to participate in any information sessions or workshops.

Next steps for Tooleybuc

The NSW Government has shared a draft master plan with the Tooleybuc community, with an overview of growth options. Feedback on the draft master plan will be open until 29 March 2019. A copy of the draft master plan is below.

We encourage you to join the conversation and help create the best final master plan for Tooleybuc. A summary of community feedback and comments will be published, and this feedback will contribute to the final master plan.

The final master plan will be a guide for decision making on how land use, planning, development and potential investment can be used to achieve economic and social benefits for Tooleybuc.

Have your say

Have your say by emailing [email protected], or you can call 1300 679 673.

You can also use this feedback form to register your interest, an enquiry or comment.

Published 27th February, 2019
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