NSW property tax proposal

Proposed changes to the NSW property tax system aim to give people the choice to pay an annual property tax rather than stamp duty and land tax (where applicable). 

The NSW Government wants to help the people of NSW achieve the Australian dream of home ownership and grow the NSW economy.

To help make this happen, the NSW Government is considering a once in a generation change of giving home buyers the choice to pay either stamp duty and land tax (where applicable) or a new smaller annual property tax.

Following a consultation process, we are now providing a Progress Paper as an update. 

Download the Progress Paper (PDF, 3.32 MB)

Property tax reform

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Choose between paying stamp duty upfront or paying a much smaller annual property tax, when you buy your next home.

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What it could mean for you

It could make it easier for you to purchase a property. Find out what the property tax reform could mean for your situation. 

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Why change and why now?

It could have tangible benefits for everyone in NSW, boosting home ownership, household mobility, the economy and jobs.

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Possible reform framework

As part of the recent consultation phase, the government sought feedback from the public on a possible policy framework.

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Read common questions about the proposed changes to stamp duty and land tax.


Other information

Find out how property tax rates would be calculated, and further information on stamp duty and land tax. Survey results and public submissions contained here.

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