Youth Justice NSW is committed to empowering young people to fulfill their potential without offending.

Learn about the strategies and action plans Youth Justice NSW has in place to support young people from diverse backgrounds with culturally appropriate services to help young people make the right choices for themselves, their families, and their communities.

The Youth Justice Domestic and Family Violence Strategy focuses on improving outcomes for young people who are victims of and or use violence in the home.

The Youth Justice Business Plan sets out the short and long term projects and activities that will help it achieve its purpose and goal. The Business Plan defines the purpose to be to 'empower young people to fulfil their potential without offending' and the goal to be to 'reduce offending'.

The Youth Justice Aboriginal Strategic Plan provides a four-year framework for Aboriginal engagement and outlines a program of work to deliver better outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young offenders, their families and communities. 

The Youth Justice Disability Action Plan is designed to improve the services and supports Youth Justice NSW provide to young people with disability. It identifes actions that Youth Justice will take to deliver more holistic and tailored services and supports to young people with disability.

The Department of Justice Multicultural Plan provides an outline of how the Department of Justice will integrate multicultural principles into its work. It includes strategies to improve our service delivery to multicultural communities and support our culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse workforce.

The Privacy Personal Information Policy applies to all Youth Justice NSW employees who collect, store, access, use or disclose personal information. The Policy aims to prevent inappropriate disclosure of information while promoting the safety and wellbeing of young people, their families and the community.

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