A Youth Justice Community Office is a place where young offenders get help and support from Youth Justice caseworkers.

A Youth Justice Conference is a meeting between a young offender, their victim and other people who know about the offence. They help the young person and victim understand each other, change the young person’s behaviour, and avoid custody.

Youth Justice Centres are places where young people stay while they are in custody. At Youth Justice Centres, caseworkers help young offenders change their behaviour and stay out of trouble.

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If you've had a good experience with Youth Justice NSW or want to provide feedback to help us improve our service, we would love to hear from you. Your feedback is important to Youth Justice NSW.

Find contact details for services provided by Youth Justice NSW such as the Bail Assistance Line, Youth Justice Centres, Youth Justice Community Offices, and Youth Justice Regional Offices.

The Department of Communities and Justice runs a taining facility at the heritage-listed Yasmar site in Haberfield.

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