Community and continuing education colleges

The community and continuing education sector has a unique focus on making learning affordable and accessible. Its wide variety of courses and training can help you:

  • improve or expand existing skills
  • gain new training in preparation for a career change
  • explore a personal interest for individual growth or development

Classes are often scheduled across multiple weeks and can be held during the day,  evening and on weekends.

An increasing number of courses are now being offered online as adult and community education (ACE) providers:

  • update courses with a greater mix of digital content
  • develop their technical and teaching resources to improve online delivery

Free information technology courses online

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has compiled a list of free online technology courses.

They're offered by Australian and overseas universities as well as teaching academies from across the world.

Courses cover many topics, from digital transformation and coding to 3D game development, and are aimed at all levels of learning.

Some of the participating institutions include:

Open Colleges

Open Colleges is an Australian company providing online and face-to-face training and education services. 

Their online courses cover a wide range of workplaces and skills that help students retrain, change or take the next step in their careers. 

There are both certificate and diploma level courses plus nationally recognised qualifications offered across:

  • health
  • business
  • trades
  • childhood education
  • design