Get financial support

Losing your job and source of income can have a serious impact on your financial wellbeing.  Apart from any severance pay or redundancy entitlements, there are several government support payments you may be eligible for.

In addition to JobSeeker for those looking for work, there are other government payments you may be eligible for, like the Parenting Payment or Child Care Subsidy, as well as financial relief through concession and health care cards.

And depending on your circumstances, you may also be able to access your superannuation ahead of time. Conditions apply.

Day to day while looking for work, there is a range of cost of living discounts available, including help with energy costs.

You may also be able to change existing loan or credit arrangements to ease any financial strain, including a possible hardship variation to your home loan.

In this situation, it might also be worthwhile to seek financial advice. The Financial Information Service (FIS) is a free, confidential service provided by the Australian Government where financial experts can help you plan for your future financial needs.